The Freezer

Update: Freezer esta descontinuado

I’ve added a new function to this blog: The Freezer. It’s a Web Cache (or Internet Archive) function that keeps a local copy of some pages that are referenced by the blog posts, so you can always go back to the exact version of the page when it was originally referenced. Web Pages changes or dies continously, and it’s annoying when some useful information is lost when you need it.

The Freezer
downloads the desired page, deletes any javascript it founds, tries to download every image and CSS files (and images referenced on the CSS) and modifies the links to point to the local copies. The purpose is to keep a snapshot of the page, obvioulsy not a working copy of it.

On the Blog Post, the links to freezed pages (icicles) are modified to point to The Freezer, and a external-link icon is added to reference to the actual page. Also, the content of the freezed pages is indexed so the Search function of the site can find inside it’s content or as part of the original post.

The Freezer can be accesed whenever a frozen content is accesed or using the link on the right bar, which shows a list of the archived content that’s available.

If you think any of the freezed content should not be cached for any reason, drop me a message and I’ll remove it as soon as possible.