Installing Monodevelop Beta 2 (1.9.2) from sources in Ubuntu 8.10

Log on my experience installing Monodevelop Beta 2 from sources in Ubuntu 8.10 with Mono 2.2 already installed (the bolded steps are the ones that actually worked).

  • Install gtk-sharp 2.8.5 with
    configure --prefix=/usr

    – FAILED on make from some missing pango, glib depencies 

  • Install mono-addins –prefix=/usr –enable-gui  – OK
  • gtk-sharp 2.8.5 — FAILS just as the previous
  • gnome-sharp-2.20 — Shows some missing gapi-2.0 dependency. Decided try to fix this
  • Install gtk-sharp-2.12.7 (ignoring some missing things) – OK
  • Uninstall monodoc de gdeb – OK (after that I found that was not necessary)
  • Install monodoc 2.0 –prefix=/usr – FAILS to some missing methods. Googling it seems that monodoc in now integrated with mono 2.2 but couldn’t find it. Decided to install monodoc 2.0 from apt-get again
  • Install monodevelop-1.9.2 with ./configure –prefix=`pkg-config –variable=prefix mono` – OK