Trying Heroku

I’m trying Heroku  with the same app that runs this blog.  And it’s great! In no more that 2 hours I get the app up and running with few workarounds needed.

  • I had some problems with the tar.gz used to import. It might because a) SVN files and dirs, which I latetly removed, or b) the tarball created on Windows. But I swittched to the Git import method on Ubuntu and everything uploaded ok.
  • I had Rails 2.1 freezed on vendor/, which after some googling  I found it has to be deleted, and comment the line that searches for a specific version of rails.
  • I also had to remove the freezed version of Ferret and use the one included in Heroku.
  • The only problem which turned to be impossible to solve was the import process of the data. I used the YAML export as described in the documentation but it failed and sent a message to technical support. My db is MySQL so the problem may be there. Let’s see what the guys at Heroku say.