Ubuntu 8.10 on XPS m1530

– Touchpad: Had to use the .8042.nomux=1 boot param for Kernel as described everywhere.

– Problems with the webcam: Cheese and Camorama useless but VLC and Ekiga ok. Seems to be some GStreamer problem. Update: new version of cheese 2.42.2 now works

– Dual screens were quite quirky to configure. Use gksudo nvidia-settings, Twin display mode and set the layout for both screens.

– I’m having some problems with sound. Sound is very low although everything is set up and loud. The master volume control for ALSA mixer sounds no-linear. There seem to be some problems with the drivers, but for now I’ll leave things like that.

– Touchpad too sensible. Fixed installing GSynaptics and enabling it as in here. (The issue is hard to test since appears as a “crazy mouse” when typing)