The Culture Code|Clotaire Rapaille|

The Culture Code Cover

Dr. Rapaille describes in this book his discoveries on Archetypes applied to marketing. Gives a very general description of his method to uncover them using focus groups in extended sessions. One of the dissapointments about this book was my expectation to understand different cultures as it focus absolutely on the United States and a few topic on the French, English and German cultures. Some peeks to the Japanese and Italian. But that’s it. Patethically Euro-American centered. Also, it’s quite dissapointing the feeling left behind the attitude of being “more American than the Americans” o más gringo que los gringos, as the most common words are US, WE, OURS… It gets to a point in which is hard to say if an archetype, or “Code”, is mostly a reflection of Dr. Rapaille’s feelings.

Anyway, the insights given by the book are very interesting, as the sex/violence, food/fuel, money/proof… Most Codes are instructing and give us a peek on the perceived ingenuity, greed and results oriented attitudes we have of the americans.

[Hope I can extend this post as I re-scan the book]