Tools I always install:

  • Vim
  • WinMerge: Diff & Merge, with the next two [Windows]
  • TortoiseSVN: Makes easier SVN and is required for the following [Windows]
  • VisualSVN: To integrate SVN to Visual Studio [Windows]
  • Launchy: Makes you way more productive [Windows, testing on Linux]
  • IMy: Integrates Live Messenger with Launchy. I’m thinking on extending it to Pidgin for Linux.
  • Ext2 IFS for Windows: Access ext2/3 filesystems on Windows for dual boot environments
  • 7Zip
  • PuTTY and WinSCP
  • Cygwin
  • ViEmu: Vim emulator for Visual Studio.
  • GIMP and Inkscape

Firefox addins:

  • Firebug
  • YSlow
  • Clear Cache
  • Cooliris


DIY DNA: One Father’s Attempt to Hack His Daughter’s Genetic Code

Even if it’s absolutely improbable that Hugh’s quest turns successful, he MUST go on. He is in the land of uncertainity, with a huge payoff if he succed: his daighter’s health. That reward is so great that even with a extremely low chance, it’s worth trying. This is one of the most inspiring stories I’ve ever read and send best wishes to Beatrice, Hugh and his family… I hope there’s anything we can do to help.

Ubuntu 8.10 on XPS m1530

– Touchpad: Had to use the .8042.nomux=1 boot param for Kernel as described everywhere.

– Problems with the webcam: Cheese and Camorama useless but VLC and Ekiga ok. Seems to be some GStreamer problem. Update: new version of cheese 2.42.2 now works

– Dual screens were quite quirky to configure. Use gksudo nvidia-settings, Twin display mode and set the layout for both screens.

– I’m having some problems with sound. Sound is very low although everything is set up and loud. The master volume control for ALSA mixer sounds no-linear. There seem to be some problems with the drivers, but for now I’ll leave things like that.

– Touchpad too sensible. Fixed installing GSynaptics and enabling it as in here. (The issue is hard to test since appears as a “crazy mouse” when typing)